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The Benefits of Outsourcing Document Destruction
Cost Effective Operation

Outsourcing your shredding needs is less expensive than shredding in-house. It only takes Rentastore about an hour to shred 150 kgs of paper.

A standard office shredder would take approx. 24 hours to shred the same mount of paper. Employee salaries alone would far outweigh the cost of utilising the Rentastore document destruction service.

Also capital cost associated with purchase and maintenance of in-house office shredding equipment, coupled with the cost of upgrades, electricity and most importantly the cost of associated office space further confirm the cost benefit of out-sourcing secure shredding of confidential office waste.

Time is money. Your business incurs a disproportionate cost when employees spend valuable time prepping and shredding documents.

Rentastore provide free issue locked security containers for your employees to place their documents into until they are ready for collection.

Despite the fact that all businesses try to keep their shredding under control, it is not long before shredding bins overflow and confidential waste is co-mingled with regular waste.

Integrity of confidential and sensitive information is an important issue for all organisations.

Rentastore are internationally recognised as the professionals who provide a one-stop shop that securely and cost effectively handles, shreds to DIN standard 3 (cross cut and baled) and which ultimately disposes of your confidential documents in a cost effective and environmentally compliant manner and provide cradle to grave auditing and activity reports.