Archive storage, document storage in Sandyford, South Dublin


Document & Record Management

Document Storage

Is it safe? Can I get to it when I need it? Is it cost-effective?
These are probably the first questions you ask when considering off-site document storage.

By entrusting your documents and files to a Rentastore dedicated facility, you save money, time and worry.
Boxed documents, hard copies, electronic media, business, financial or medical records - if you have it, we can store it, safely and cost-effectively.

Our document storage facilities are equipped with 24-hour security surveillance, alarm systems and complete fire detection systems.
We employ only bonded and insured personnel dedicated specifically to file management and storage.

Rentastore Storage programs provide:

  • Regular boxed document and record collection and storage
  • Hard copy storage medical and confidential records storage
  • Fast document/information retrieval (same day)
  • Scanning and bar-code identification of documents
  • Secure destruction of confidential material at the end of its useful life
  • Supply and service of locked confidential waste storage and pre/shredding bins

The Unique Rentastore Inclusive Offering:

  • Free storage box supply
  • Free collection
  • No archiving costs
  • No filing costs
  • No file recovery costs
  • Free, same day, delivery of boxed documents
  • Free siting of secure waste containers
  • No rental costs for sited containers

Simplified Accounting Procedures

  • One off nominal per box set up cost
  • Monthly per box invoice for total number of boxes stored

Rentastore Document and Record Management System

The Rentastore customised document and record management programme facilitates organisation of client files into labelled and bar-coded archive storage boxes and provides a catalogue/index of all records for easy access when needed.

Here's how it's done:

  • A Client Code and unique range of barcodes is assigned to your organisation by Rentastore
  • The required amount of archive boxes and unique barcodes is brought to your premises with your assigned Client Code
  • The archive box in which the documents are to be stored, is assembled or identified
  • An individual numbered barcode is placed on the box - this enables secure identification by our barcode tracking software
  • Your assigned Client Code is written on the box along with Department Code (if applicable) e.g. "Client A - Dept B"
  • This is linked to the agreed customer Records Retention and End of Life Destruction Policy.
    (Please note, if a set of documents are required to be held permanently, no destruction date applies and no destruction date will be written on the box. The Destruction Date is written on the outside of the box)
  • The following details in relation to the box and its contents are recorded:
    • Box Barcode Number
    • File Contents
    • Destruction Date
  • The data is entered and retained in our barcode tracking database
  • The unique barcode carries all relevant information and guarantees accurate tracking and retrieval. A complete history for each record is maintained and inventory reports can be produced at any time
  • The archive boxes are then scanned and collected by Rentastore personnel
  • The archive boxes are securely transported back to the Rentastore purpose built record management facility and placed in a bar-coded shelf location
  • The shelf location of your archive box is scanned in conjunction with the box barcode
  • The Rentastore Barcode Tracking Database is updated to reflect the exact location in our warehouse